The all-in-one retail reporting platform

Leading brands trust 42 to deliver instant answers for all channels – including eCommerce, brick and mortar, wholesale, and marketplaces.

Dashboard Overview

If any of this sounds familiar, you need 42


Why don't my numbers match up with your numbers?!

I'm still waiting on that report from IT...

I'm stuck building the same reports every Monday!

How can I get my suppliers to optimize their inventory for us?

There are too many sources and Excel keeps crashing on me!

Stop chasing information and start acting on it

Designed for Retail

Our fully-customizable dashboard lets you deep dive into your financial data. 42 offers best-in-class retail metrics, product visuals, scheduled reports, NRF calendars, advanced item/store hierarchies, multi-currencies, and much more!

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Works with your existing systems!

We'll work with you to understand what you need and design integrations that work for you — no matter what you're using now.

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Makes Reporting Simple

Save crucial time by scheduling and automating key reports for your executives, merchandisers, sales team, stores managers... less time spent in spreadsheets is more time growing the business.

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All the business insights you need to build a thriving retail brand

Designed specifically for retail, 42 gives you everything you need... from data mapping to data warehouse hosting and mobile friendly visuals.


Make data-driven decisions — fast

All in an intuitive, easy-to-use platform

Track your KPIs, monitor category performance, see your best sellers, plan floor moves. Stop struggling to collect information and start making data driven decisions.