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Help your clients merchandise and operationalize better with 42’s fast, accurate reporting dashboard.

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Canned, clunky reporting is so last season

Every business has complexities — we make them simple. Our dynamic dashboard runs any report in seconds. Drill down, zoom out, filter and group data — we’re basically your really fast and accurate data analyst.

Working with us means you can spend less time digging for data and more time acting on it. Work wholly within 42 to avoid pivot tables, lookups or manual manipulation, or export from 42 into Excel — either way, your reports are squeaky clean.

Flexible, accurate, easy reporting is the science that supports your art

No matter what programs they use, how many brands you work with, and how much data there is, our engineers will build you the dashboard of your dreams.

With 42, you (and your clients!) can run accurate, fast, flexible reports, on demand. Need something else? Our client services team is always available to implement a new metric or troubleshoot.

You won’t ever make a decision without asking 42

If you’ve wondered about it, we can answer it. Ask us anything. How many jeans in dark wash did we sell in March 2023 versus March 2022? Which brand has the lowest return rate? Which style of sunglasses has the highest sell-through? Which segment of consumers should we market to for markdowns? What are my top-performing seasonal dresses by region? How is my startup brand performing quarter over quarter, compared to my longstanding client? How did high-waisted swim bottoms sell in Q1 2023 compared to last year?

42 is helpful for you and your clients

Ecom managers can smartly curate the homepage and build new collections to increase conversion.

Account executives can go into retailer meetings armed with data to support placement.

Marketers can add fuel to hot SKUs — and build campaigns to move higher-inventory items.

Controllers can see actualized revenue versus sales revenue to close the month without a long reconciliation conversation.

Customer service reps can close feedback loops to reduce return rates.

Retail store managers can see store-level information about employee performance, collections & promotions.

Merchandisers can improve sell-through and see how sales are tracking to goal.

Designers can see what’s working — and what’s not — without having to look at a spreadsheet.

Planners can see how drops perform to make smarter forecasts and more efficient buys.

Everyone can sleep better at night, knowing 42 has all the answers.

Save time. Grow revenue.

Work happy.

You can move inventory with smarter segmentation and optimal pricing because you understand consumer preferences.

Your clients wake up to automated reports, giving everyone hours back on Monday morning.

No one — neither you nor your client — stresses about data integrity or not knowing answers because you know you can trust the data in 42.

Better manage inventory, cashflow, and clients — it’s all possible (and easy!) with 42

42 unifies and cleans data so you have better information to make smarter merch decisions. That means more revenue and stronger comps. Because when you know your business better, you can grow your business better.

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