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Manage your multiple sales channels from a unique source of data that has retail background and understands business like yours. Simplify the complexities to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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Holistic View Performance

Our platform empowers you to consolidate all your data sources into one cohesive hub, eradicating data silos. This seamless integration means that you can effortlessly make data-driven decisions without the manual data wrestling.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Our platform helps you identify which channels are driving results and where adjustments are needed. Maximize your resource allocation and your inventory strategy, manage your marketing budget, drive personalization per channel, allocate your resources efficiently, and enhance the ROI of your omnichannel efforts from one place.

You won’t ever make a decision without asking 42

Which channel is driving more profitability this last quarter? What have been my top sellers across the different channels? Which channel is producing the higher return rate? Which regions have had more sales on size M? Is your team using a retail calendar instead of Gregorian? Are you able to remove VAT from your current reporting? Are your customers faithful to one sales channel or do they shop in multiple? Are you maximizing stock movement between online & stores? Are you able to use an NRF calendar for your reporting?

42 is helpful for your teams all across channels

Merchandisers & buyers can improve sell-through and see how sales are tracking to goal, informing next season’s buys.

Controllers can see actualized revenue versus sales revenue to close the month without a 2-hour reconciliation conversation.

Planners can see how collections, materials & more perform to make smarter forecasts and more efficient buys.

Retail store managers can see store-level information about employee performance, collections & promotions.

Account executives can go into retailer meetings armed with data to support placement.

Designers can see what’s working — and what’s not — without having to look at a spreadsheet.

Marketers can add fuel to hot SKUs — and build campaigns to move higher-inventory items.

Customer service can close feedback loops to reduce return rates.

Everyone can sleep better at night, knowing 42 has all the answers.

Save time. Grow revenue. Work happy

Joe’s Jeans uses 42 as its senior data analyst given reconciliation between systems is a full-time job, and they can now be a lot leaner with 42

Faherty’s team wakes up to automated reports, giving everyone hours back on Monday morning

Course-correct now, before things get really messy.

When a brand goes omnichannel, the data gets scattered across several systems, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to make a fast, well-informed decision. 42 unifies and cleans the whole shebang so every team can access and act on the information they need while comparing channels. Because when you know your business better, you can grow your business better.

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