Why do retail brands choose 42?

42 has become our central repository of information that we access and act on...it gives us a unified, real-time look of what’s happening in the business.


How can 42 make me a retail hero?

Retail decision makers across all teams can find answers to their questions:



What are my top styles based on sales this season?

How are certain products converting this year over last year?

What is the most common pairing of item transactions this season?

How well are black dresses selling this week, based on channel?

Sorted by SKU image, how are my wool sweaters selling this fall season?

Buyers and Planners

Buyers & Planners

What styles should we continue or discontinue?

How was our product inventory performance? (e.g. over / under stock predictions)

When is the best time to execute additional purchase orders?

How effective were previous pricing and markdown strategies?

What items should we put on promotion for the upcoming months?

What is my sell-through rate on blue shorts broken by channel for YTD?



What categories and products drove the most profit this past season?

How much revenue lift have merchandising improvements given the business?

Where are our biggest opportunities for growth?

How are sales tracking based on our fiscal year budget?

What trends should we notice from our customers’ transactions?

What are my Net Sales $ by channel, MTD, QTD, STD, YTD?

Digital Teams

Digital Teams

What promotion has been most effective for our retail stores versus our website?

How have campaigns been converting this quarter?

Why did we have a surge in sales during a particular time period?

How much money does our average customer spend?

What products should have increased visibility on the website?



How many units of blue jeans do we have in stock in our LA stores?

What is our availability to ship (ATS) status?

How can we better understand landed cost or properly attribute costs?

Do we have enough inventory across all channels to fulfill demand?

What percentage of our store orders were returned?

Tech Management

Tech Management

Our data warehouse is designed for speed, security and reliability

There is no impact on your production databases or systems

We do the ETL work on our end, and connect with any system (push or pull)

Users can build their own reports instead of asking IT

Use our modern API to build apps and experiences on clean data

We are committed to your success

Champions for the Retail Industry

Retail Champions

42 consistently updates its features to enhance the retail user experience

Dedicated Account Team

Dedicated Account Team

Each customer has a dedicated account manager to train users and handle requests

User Friendly

Intuitive & User Friendly

We made the 42 platform delightfully easy to use so that users gain insights immediately