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With 42, everyone on your team can get the insights they need, when they need them.

We’re giving retail reporting a glow-up

If you're working in retail, you know how hard it is to get the information you need to make the right decision.

Most data tools aren't built for people who actually use the product. Information is spread out, and by the time you get the insights you need, they’re already outdated.

With 42, your data is consolidated into one easy-to-use platform — it’s the universal source of truth for your business. We tailor the dashboard to your team’s needs, streamlining and future-proofing your reporting. Ask 42 anything, and you’ll get powerful, accurate, visual reports the whole team will love.

10+ years of better reporting

42 launched as an idea at New York Fashion Week in 2013. Over the years, we’ve earned the trust of retailers of all sizes. Our team is spread across 3 continents, speaks 7 languages, and has endless curiosity and passion for the retail industry!

Spread across 3 continents, 42 team members are on a mission to build the most loved and accessible tool for the retail industry. Founded by two Forbes 30 under 30 recipients and serial hackathon winners, our team comes from P&G, SAP, Deloitte Consulting, Flexport and mostly importantly the retail industry.

"Meet the 42 team, not your everyday software team"

We are a no-ego, no bs, collaborative group that deeply cares about our product, customers, and fellow teammates. We have an ownership mentality to deliver results, which extends in ensuring our teammates’ wellbeing. Ambitious and empathetic is possible! We are a dedicated and diverse team of parents, entrepreneurs, and passionate individuals who infuse every project with zeal!

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