Modern Analytics for Modern Retail

With 42, you get the insights you need to grow your brand — all in one place.

Retail reporting that gets results

Retail decision makers across all teams can find answers to their questions:

How it works


Connect Data Sources

Setup is fast and easy. You'll provide 42 access to your data sources and our engineers will do the rest. 42 can integrate with any data source, internal or third-party. It's that easy!


Consolidate & Clean

Our fully-customizable dashboard lets you deep dive into your financial data. 42 offers best-in-class retail metrics, product visuals, scheduled reports, NRF calendars, advanced item/store hierarchies, multi-currencies, and much more!


Start Running Reports!

Save crucial time by scheduling and automating key reports for your executives, merchandisers, sales team, stores managers... less time spent in spreadsheets is more time growing the business.

What do you want your business to look like?

Stop struggling with endless Excel spreadsheets and baffling technical tools. With 42, getting the data you need is easy, right out of the box.

Without 42

  • Working with manual Excel formulas and data errors

  • Handling multiple data systems that don't connect

  • Managing complicated IT projects and infrastructure

With 42

  • Save hundreds of hours with accurate, standardized data

  • Integrate common systems and custom data sources

  • Use a tool you will actually enjoy

You won't believe what you can do in one click!

42 puts the best big data technologies on the market at your fingertips. So you can stop waiting for the information you need — and start making moves to drive more sales.

Over 100 retail-specific metrics are included. And we can add more to fit your specific business needs. With 42, you get a partner who's committed to the same goal you are — helping you build a thriving retail brand.