Upgraded Reporting for Shopify Brands

Get a reporting tool that is flexible and dynamic enough to meet the growing needs of any brand – whether Shopify is your sole system or part of a group of systems.

Understand Your Products

42’s unique product grid allows you to see the full picture of your products and their performance across all channels.

  • Pivot your styles, colors, sizes or any attribute, and anticipate demand for your next drop

  • Prevent stock-outs or costly markdowns

  • Export all of this to Excel, CSV or PDF with images

Get your real demand and conversion

Shopify or GA alone are not enough – get a unified view of your data and make accurate decisions.

  • Compare demand sales versus fulfilled (shipped) sales

  • Get a full item page sales conversions down to style or SKU level

  • Look at how traffic channels combined with returns can impact margins

Create custom reports in seconds

You will get the most flexible retail reporting tool at your fingertips, with as much detail as you need! With 42, you can easily create custom reports and send them to your team, suppliers, or clients — automatically.

  • Get a complete, unified view of your sales, stock, customers, across all channels.

  • Use our presentation-ready formats, or get the raw data for further analysis.

  • Save your reports and schedule them right to your inbox.

Leading Shopify Merchants Trust 42

Assess your performance based on what’s relevant

Dig into the details, or zoom out across all your brands and channels

Get true demand and conversion

We fix issues caused by apps and sales channels, and merge across systems for a unified view

Create custom reports in seconds

Build complete, dynamic reports without separate exports of data

What our clients say about 42

I don’t think you will find a better partner than 42 to work with to make sure that your reporting is a success.


CEO, Uri Minkoff

The 42 Team, bar none, is a group of professionals that are energetic, enthusiastic, hardworking, and just really just have been the best partners that I’ve worked in a long time.


President, Randi Nolan

I don’t think people like 42 – I think people love 42. Their work ethic, agility, and responsiveness to what the end users are looking for is what makes me believe in this company.


SVP IT, Farrukh Awan

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Leading Shopify Brands Make Smarter Decisions With 42

42 amplifies reporting for Shopify stores – as a single source or combined with other systems

Stop struggling with endless Excel spreadsheets and baffling technical tools. With 42, getting the data you need is easy, right out of the box.