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42 empowers users to know their business performance better

How it works

How It Works

Connect data sources

Connect Data Sources

Provide 42 access to data sources and our engineers will do the rest. Setup with 42 is easy and fast, and requires minimal commitment from your IT team. We can integrate with virtually any data source, internal (e.g. inventory, wholesale, ERPs) or third-party (e.g. Google Analytics, Shopify).

Consolidate and clean

Consolidate & Clean

No more messy data copies or duplicates since 42 comes with built-in data cleaning. We work closely with your team to ensure that the integrations are accurate and reliable. We tailor the dashboard to fit your team’s needs.

That's it!

That's it!

Within weeks, the first set of reports are ready to use! All users can build and run the reports that they need in seconds. Your dedicated account managers will provide ongoing training and live support to ensure a smooth transition.

How It Works

“42 can integrate with data source, internal or third-party”

Flash Reports

Get an overview of your business. Track the performance of your sales against budgets and plans over time. Use our NRF calendar filter and get accurate comparisons any time period.

  • Dynamic Flash Reports
  • Track Budget vs. Sales over time
  • Executive Overviews

Visual Item Grid

Want to see which items have the highest sell-through rates for this week? Or which styles are the most popular this season in Chicago vs. New York?

Get access to reporting with images! Pivot the data in any way you like, and export the information to share your analysis with your team.

  • Top 50 Styles by Category, by Units Sold
  • Best Selling Women's Shoes by Collection

Drilldown Analysis

Compare your full-price vs. markdown inventory, or drill down to see your same-store growth rate for this month.

Roll up any metric by any dimension, and save your analysis for later.

  • TY vs. LY Performance of Categories for MTD
  • Full Price & Markdown sales for eComm
  • Exception reporting for your styles

Powerful Ad-Hoc Reporting

Build any custom reports that you need and set up a schedule. Automatically email them to your team at the time and frequency you specify.

  • Monday Morning Summary
  • Daily Flash Report
  • Monthly Build Report
  • Sales, Returns and Discounts by Employee

And more!

We leverage the best big data technologies on the market. This means you'll never wait to get the reports you need. Focus on the analysis, not data cleaning.

Over 100+ retail-specific metrics are included, and we can add / modify metrics upon request. Our engineering and support teams are top-notch, and we truly care about the success of your business.

Whether click or brick, 42 performs custom integration with your data

We can integrate with any system, internal (e.g. Retail POS, eCommerce, Wholesale, ERPs) or third-party (e.g. Google Analytics, Shopify)

Find out why retailers love 42

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Focus on actionable steps, not stitching spreadsheets

No more

  • Manual Excel metrics and formulas
  • Data errors or disagreements on sources
  • Multiple data systems that do not connect
  • Complicated project management
  • Setting up data storage or servers

With 42

  • Hours saved from report building
  • Accurate, standardized data
  • Access consolidated data
  • Included custom integration services
  • Fully hosted, works out of the box